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gabbi wenyi ayane virk (they/she/he) is a thing-maker, body-shaker, rule-breaker working primarily through the mediums of art, performance, poetry & events direction.

Their artwork is primarily concerned with the relationships between identity, gender, race, language and the body. gabbi believes this can be explored through a wide range of mediums, from large-scale screenprints to genderfuck pole performances. gabbi doesn’t believe that art needs to be categorised, and enjoys pushing the limits of what is considered fine art.

gabbi is the founder and organiser of Queer Zinefest Singapore, Singapore’s first-ever platform for queer indie publishers, writers and artists. They are heavily involved in the organisation of destination:INK, Singapore’s longest-running open mic. gabbi is a strong believer in the power of creating safe spaces for the marginalised, and is constantly seeking new ways to queer Singapore.

In their spare time, gabbi enjoys reading graphic novels, pole dancing, and talking about themself in the third person.






April 2019 Bath Spa University Pride (Committee)

December 2018 - present Queer Zinefest SG Satellite Events (Organiser)

July 2018 Queer Zinefest SG (Founder & Organiser)

Jan 2018 - present destination:INK open mic (Co-organiser)

Spoken word performances

31 August 2018 Good Girls, in conjunction with In Vain In Vanity by Charlotte Lim (UltraSuperNew Gallery)

28 July 2018 Spoke and Bird #12: Jee Leong Koh, opening set


23 May - 30 May 2019 South West Young Creatives, curated by Tara Jettoo (Centrespace Gallery, Bristol)

23 Sept - 21 Oct 2018 SAFESPACE(S), curated by Nature Shankar (The Art Space by Natalie Wong)


March 2018 Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Warwick University Drama Society (Poster Design)

Feb 2018 The Local Rebel Issue #2 (Illustrator & Designer)


May 2018 Points of View by centre42 (Participant - Performance Making Track)

Dec 2018 Eat Duck under Works in Development by Checkpoint Theatre (Actor - Rene)

Oct 2017 to Apr 2018 Checkpoint Theatre (Intern - Marketing/Archival/Acting/Assistant Stage Managing/Front of House-ing)

May 2017 Seeking Intimacy (Actor - Henry)

Dec 2016 I Lie There, I'm Dancing and It's Okay (Director)


18 July 2018 In Love: Performing the Personal and the Value of Vulnerability (hosted by Coda Culture in conjunction with Norah Lea's solo exhibit In Love)

6 July 2018 How Peculiar is Our Writing (hosted by BooksActually)


Apr 2018 WordForward Poetry Slam, 1st Place

June 2012 TheatreWorks 24-Hour Playwriting Competition, 3rd Place

Pole & EXOTIC Dance

August 2019 Two Queens I-Reign @ MONTI, Singapore — Performer

June 2019 d:ink Pride Month @ Miss Chinatown, Singapore — Performer

May 2019 Shake Your Boobs @ Moles, Bath, UK — Performer

Apr 2019 Bath Spa Pride @ Bath Spa University, UK — Performer

Feb 2019 Southwest Inter-University Pole Dancing Competition — Beginner Category, 2nd Place


2018 Self-published comics zine Bits of My Life in Six (Panels)

2018 Self-published spoken word zine Here are Nine Poems I've Yelled into a Microphone

2018 Self-published poetry zine Brain Vomit

2017 Self-published zine A Super-Quick, Kinda Polite Guide to Chinese Privilege (in Singapore lah!)

2016 Forty-Four Winning Plays from the TheatreWorks 24-Hour Playwriting Competition, Vol. 2: 2011-2013 (Day One)

2014 Anomic Aphasia (Note: In hindsight this was an insensitive title, and I deeply apologise. Proceeds from this book now go towards helping stroke and aphasia patients.)

2014 Explaining Art

Wardrobe styling

May 2018 Beautiful by Ethel Yap (Hei Studio)

Feb 2018 Lift Your Eyes by Lincoln Lim (Hei Studio)

Dec 2017 Heartbreak Song by Gareth Fernandez (Hei Studio)


Jul 2019 - Sept 2019 Singapore Tyler Print Institute (Creative Workshop Intern)

Sept 2018 - Jul 2021 Bath Spa University, BA Creative Arts — Art and Drama

May 2018 Points of View by centre42 (Participant - Performance Making Track)

Oct 2017 to Apr 2018 Checkpoint Theatre (Intern - Marketing/Archival/Acting/Assistant Stage Managing/Front of House-ing)

Oct 2016 - Jun 2017 University of Warwick, BA Law with Humanities

Jan 2014 - Nov 2016 School of the Arts Singapore, International Baccalaureate